After endless hours of debates and plea for consideration amongst our various judges, the judges were finally able to come up with a list of the winners of the just concluded ONLINE CLASSIC 8 BARS CYPHER

On behalf of Candy Music Ent. we would like to personally thank everyone who participated in the cypher and say a big congratulations to them all as they are all winners but in the end only 3 people were able to emerge victorious

They’d like everyone to understand that ONLY the first position was decided by number of likes, strong technical reasons such as location, adherence to the cypher rules,  amongst many other reasons, which were considered in choosing our Runner Up’s

On behalf of the judges I’d like to bring to your notice that certain very eligible candidates were disqualified due to technical reasons regardless of how good their lines were (in competitions rules are everything)

At this point I’d like to Congratulate the following people for emerging as winners of this year online cypher challenge…

1ST POSITION: CHEEMAH (Cheemah Ezeaghasi )


Cheemah The HBA hip hop head who is still enjoying downloads for His recent collaborative effort with label mate DT, has once again proved to the world that his good works has huge support from his fans…

2ND POSITION: JAYZLAR (Jayzlar Bature)


Jayzlar Probably not known by many, meet the artist that got everyone wondering… He was more of a rhyme guy than a punchline guy and his neat and accurate delivery earned him a spot on the list. His recent effort was a beautiful cover he titled “Masu gudu su gudu” the rapper did very well! Congratulations to him

3RD POSITION: KVNG DT (Ahmed DT Ibrahim)


KVNG DT People say consistency is all it takes!! This wonderful lyricist has proved that point beyond any form of doubt his efforts couldn’t go unseen he’s a wonderful lyricist and the way he plays with words is just amazing a big congratulation to him!

Please the aforementioned should kindly get in touch with MODEX (080 341 242 03) as soon as possible so that their prizes can be announced, once again we say a very big CONGRATULATIONS to you all!!



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