[2015 REVIEW] Official ‘ABU’ TOP 20 ARTISTS by @Trendkingzblog

So who has successfully made efforts worthy of notice who do you think has made beautiful music in school and impacted the lives of many with their magical tunes??

Who is trending??

From number one down to twenty who deserves a spot??

Who are the kings and your top favourite artist in ABU (Ahmadu Bello University)?? TRENDKINGZ BLOG would help you find out who they are and get familiar while you can because you never can tell who the next Jidenna or Wizkid or Davido or MI is… *winks* #TRENDKINGZBLOG

Befor starting off this list, we would love to appreciate everyone that has contributed in one way or the other to support this project. And secondly we would also love to appreciate some names who have being in the Institutions music scene and were not able to make is to this list, either because they graduated before the year of review (2015) and other reasons, We see you as the schools musical legends. This names would include; (DIPP, LASE, ICE BLUE, KHEENGZ (YFK), DIA, SNOW-FLAKES, CEASER, PLAYMIC, BELLA AIRES )



Starting this list at the Number 20 spot is Kaybaron whose impact we started feeling in the immediate past semester, his real name Victor Samson. Is one of the best musical artists one can find in the engineering faculty (alongside Wheelz and Phlexzywhest).

He is a 200 level student of computer engineering. And mostly known for his gbedu fused tunes which would include BEND ( Ft Phlexzywhest) and CARRY LOAD (Ft. Wheelz). He is currently under the Candy Music Ent. Group. One of the reasons he made this list is due to his ability to capture the audience attention anytime he is on stage as we have monitored in the shows he recently performed at, only his soundtrack would get your body moving.



Unfortunately, this happens to be the only lady on this list and she is a bunch of talent. she is a rapper, singer, dancer, designer, make up artist and model. ZOUWRAH is a promising female act, who has been able to create her own style of music, her style of music is what i will classified  as inspirational music.



The ‘Soul Singer’ Faisal.

Faisal Nasir is his name, his music career started back in his high school (R.P.A Jos) where he even won an award for ‘most sonorous male’. Faisal is an outstanding soul singer and one the best the school got, he has his way of melting through your heart whenever you hear him sing. with a voice like his, be rest assured of catching evry females attention.



On the 17Th spot is Yako Caine. A talented artist with the Dance Hall style of music. If this list were to be for top reggae rappers, he would top the list. He is a 200level student of Mass Communication.

The Vogue Music Group soldier has delivered some pretty awesome tunes under the year of review starting off with the “Bless My Hustle” track and other tracks he got featured on. He has also promised to let loose an EP soon titled “NAIJAMAICAN EP”, Wait for it.


Lee is currently the most popular Hausa indigenous rapper you can find in school, we don’t know much about him but from the few we know, we can say that he is truly good at what he does. His major breakthrough came with the release of his ABU @ 50 track, which even thrilled the school’s VC during his performance at the 2013/2014 fresher’s show organized by the school. Lee is popularly known for his trademark freestyle before every stage performance, this is a strategy used by most rappers to capture audience attention.



Samuel Igbago AKA Utibrainz is talented 400l law student under the management of learned music group.which also houses the likes of  talented hip hop act “Drew”. Utibrainz has worked on projects with Wizzyprobeats who produced one of his recent song and has also worked with classiQ, the northern hip-hop rap star.




Abideen Abdulwasiu is his birth name, a songwriter and a rapper since 2013 till date. He is a student of Archaeology

He records mostly in his native tongue (YORUBA) which makes him an indigenous rapper. He released his first amazing song ”UNSTOPPABLE” with 3D studio having ”KING D” and ”MUSTANG as his producers. CYfresh now has a lot of songs on air including his recently shot video freestyle.

CYfresh has been invited as a guest artiste to perform in different schools and stages with so many artists including the like YBNL’S Chinko Ekun, Tecno, among others, this talented indigenous artiste has his brand new video of Jeremin shot by Spacoman in Lagos state



Eze Obinna with the stage name Obizee a.k.a B.I.G (Black Igbo Guy) is a 400 level student of Psychology. He’s an Indigenous rapper & singer who flows in both English and in Igbo language. He is currently singed to Galaxy music Entertainment.

Obizee has also been honored with an award in 2015 by Glare Magazine as the best outstanding Igbo rapper in Northern Nigeria. Obizee has also done covers of most banging hits singles like Asai and Connect “songs by the eastern beast himself “Phynofino.

DOWNLOAD #ASSAI ( Phynos’ Cover)

DOWNLOAD #CoNNect ( Phynos’ Cover)



And number 12 on our list is Owonifuja Felix Tolulope A.K.a “Phlexzywhest” popularly known for his versatility and his magic touch on every song and his thrilling stage presence. The Kilimanjaro crooner is currently manage under candy music entertainment. He is a 300lvl computer engineering student. Check out his hit song “killimanjaro”







Ending the first half of this top 20 list is Mr.Charis of Karj Music Group, He is a young and talented  act and blessed with an amazing Extended play titled “Potpourri Ep” which has amazing tracks like “na zo” featuring kevin Word$ and other good songs. and had follow up concert involving the whole Karj Music Group, where people got free c.d of his “Potpourri Ep“.



Eh Mana” is his trade mark phrase. Yohanna is an artist belonging to the Real Northern Music Group. He has being into music for a very long time now as we have observed. The song we would refer as his major song it the ‘ TA IYA’ on which he featured the Arewa Rap Star CLASSIQ.

Yohanna sings in English but fused with Hausa Language, with the RnB genre style of singer. Sometime in the year of review (2015) he organized a show titled ‘Eh Mana’ with Sani Danga as a guest arstis, even though he never came. He is a graduate of sociology



Imagine this list was for best/most popular song in ABU. Dr Kozzo would be the top on the list. The ‘SHE SAY’ crooner captured the attention of a lot with that masterpiece in with he sang with T-Shayne. As at the year of review (2015), Kozzo was a 400 level student of Mass Communication and till now part of the founders of the Vogue Music group.



An inspiring artist of the Big Head Phones Music group. Ross is among the ABU artists you would look to and agree that the institution has future stars. he is currently a student of Theater and Performing Arts.

One of his major works which moved us is the Campus Queen track, in which he basically appreciated few ladies which have been supportive to him over time.



Shalom Solomon Danbauchi (popularly known as ‘Shazz’ born on May 12) is a Nigerian Songwriter, Rapper and Performing Artiste. He adopted the stage name ‘Shazz’ simply from shortening the name ‘Shalom’. He is known for his fusion of Afro beats, Rap and RnB. Born in Zaria, Kaduna state, Nigeria. He graduated from A.B.U Zaria with a degree in Economics. His music influences counts from Kanye West, M.I, Jesse Jagz, Ice Prince, Future, Drake, Meek Mill, J Cole and Jay Z.

Shazz has also shared stage with the likes of Jesse Jagz, Orezi, Terry Tha Rapman and Sean Tizzle. Download his songs via the liks below


Adams Anthony is his name. But after listening to his music you would want to refer to him as an “An Epitome of good/dope Rap”. His level of standard has swayed into touching many peoples inner mind. Even if his not popular and not being seen at shows he would still make this list. At 2015 he was a student of ABU at Ceramics, Faculty of environmental Design



He is often referred to as ‘ABU’s Eminem’. They say he is the fastest rapper in ABU but we say he is the fastest rapper in ‘crock city’. When it comes to shutting down shows and events, no matter where it is, when it is or how the atmosphere is, he is the pro to do the job. He is a crowd mover, that the reason why he makes the Number 4 spot.



Believe me, at this point the task of hierarchically creating this list became much more difficult. This last three person are very good at what they do and have actually stood out.

The BHP group rapper ‘Zik’. Is one amongst the hottest rappers in school. he had a great appearance in the BHP’s “Emirati” video and also gave more reason to appreciate him as a rapper and include him among the top 3 after the release of his recent track title ‘Realize’.



T-SHAYNE is a person I would refer to as a multi-talented individual, an outstanding vocalist, a producer, and graphic designer. He is often referred to as the Kaduna’s number one producer. There is no denying that he has being hard working and also deservers every bit of success he has or would achieve.

He is one of the top artists of the Vogue Music group. he has produced for a lot of tracks in school including  KOZZO’S “SHE SAY” track, SHAZZ’s “FALL IN LOVE” track and many others. During T-shayne’s stay in school, he made impacts in a lot of ways, what thrilled us most was the audience he and his crew was able to pull at their show, “The Vogue Music Invasion”.



At the number 1 spot. We have an undisputed and undoubtable, energetic rapper/stage performer. He often refers himself as “Kvng Marley”. He being at the number1 spot should come as no surprise.

His real name is Kevin Godwin Gaiya, A 400l student of Theatre Art. Kevin words was not only hot in the year of review, he was on fayah. He was practically a guest artist in every show around school, in almost every song and on every ones lips. He also has some couple of EP’s to his name.

Controversies involved with this rapper would include; his affiliation with the Chocolate City Music group, at a time it was rumored that he would soon be signed by the company. And second, is the information that came to us about him doing a 6 hours Rap, breaking Vector’s record. But more info about that would come to you after our planned interview with him.






With all said, at this point is comes to a wrap. Please note that this list was created by the TRENDKINGZ Crew with the help of other highly rated individuals. Please this is our opinion, you might feel that we dint do well in some areas, that is also your opinion after all we are humans not machines, but believe me we did all we could to make sure this list was fair to the highest possible level, our measurement criteria where well looked into.

Another important thing we should take note off is that most of the people you find on this list are graduates or near graduates. so very soon we would be missing their presence in the school. The big question is, Who and who would be taking over from them? That brings us to the next project. ” ABU’s Top 10 Next Rated Artists”. Watch Out!


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