[TK REVIEW] 4 Reasons Why Shazz ‘kasapreko’ song would be a Hit

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Nigerian Rapper ‘Shazz’ ‎who has been working effortlessly in the studio lately, unveils a the cover art for his most anticipated single ‘Kasapreko’ which is set to drop beginning of April. The song was produced by veteran producer ‘King D’.  The Trendkingz blog crew was present during the recording of this tune, and what we saw and heard was very positive. That made us think of working on this article

1. The Song is Catchy in Nature

We think the expected song is catchy and well conveyed, the rhythm is simple and repetitive. It wont be a hit if nobody can remember the title, but trust me, its a different case for this song. If asked for the title immediately you wake from a blackout after a slap from Ade’s dad, you would remember it vividly ..lol

2. The track was produced by ‘kingD’

As we all know KingD is one of the best producers you can find in KD. He has put in a lot of time and a lot of hard work, he is also musically inventive. Secondly referring to all Shazz tracks produced by kingD, you would notice the trendy nature they all exhibited. Beginning with, (‘Moniko Dance’ ft Iceblue) to (BlessMe Day by Day) to (Kauna).

3. Its different from his Normal Style/Pattern.

Even in the Nigerian Music scene, we have seen many artists get serious attention after a slight shift from their regular pattern. For example Connect track by Phyno, The New Olamide (the singing fused releases) and lots more. We think Shazz wants to make a serious comeback into the Crock city’s music scene with this track.

4. The track is been promoted by our team (Trendkingz blog)

A song should go beyond your bathroom or circle of friends, the recorded song must have gained steady airplay rotations, massive number of download on music sites and general buzz amongst music lovers A good promotion strategy it what our team offers you.

The painful thing about many of these songs is that only few (if not one or two) end up being on the lips of fans, raving, hitting the streets and setting the club ablaze. That is what we do for you, with our large hype base, comprising of social media account s with thousands of follows, an extended team, affiliated DJ’s and other formulas.

Summary: We all cant wait for the release of this track, though the drop date is not really far as it is scheduled to drop first week of April. But before then one thing that keeps me wondering is why Shazz did a song titled ‘Kasapreko’, hmmm maybe our bro is seeking for an endorsement from the Ghanian Multinational Company or maybe he has being drinking too much lately or maybe its just for the fun of it….whichever it is, one thing we are sure of is that, he would be adding a lot of drunkards to his fan population after the release of this track.

-written by the trendkingzblog team.


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