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Legendary rapper DIA (Dual Intelligence Artillery), has today issued a call to certain group of people who as he stated in his Facebook post via his official account has been impersonating him by forming a social group using his name.

DIA is one of the major rappers who started rap music in Kaduna, Nigeria. Alongside Snowflakes, Kheengz, Zayne-F, Magnum, etc. He is a rapper who has been accorded with so much respect and reputation due to his outstanding delivery when it comes to Rap. In fact he is one of those rap artistes upcoming act look up to. To back up his Facebook post was a photo in which he ‘Google’ searched his name and only posts relating to him appeared. In fact we at TRENDKINGZ Blog have known DIA as DIA even before we could spell the word “Blog”.

From what we gathered about the new self-acclaimed “DIA”. They happen to be a group of individuals (a social group) all from the Faculty of Social Sciences, Ahmadu Bello University. Zaria. Involved in the organizing of parties and other events. We even gathered that they are planning an event this month. I don’t think DIA (the real one) has anything against them or their brand but the only issue is the fact that they are impersonation him and he sees it as an attempt to jeopardize all the hard work he has put in all over the years.

What we at TrendKingz blog feel about this issues is that, though DIA (the rapper) might have no legal backing covering his name(uncertain), but we feel it is totally unfair what this group are trying to cause him as a person. We have known him as a rapper for over 5 years now and for the new group. Am sorry to say we haven’t known much about them yet. This could happen to anybody.

We have three (3) phase of advice for this new group. One, Change that name and apologize to the rapper. Two, Change that new name and apologize to the rapper. And finally, Three, Change that you’re new name and apologize to the rapper

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