Release Statement: Olosho by Modex ft DIA & Kbaron – Coming Soon


Yes it is indeed long we heard from this young and talented act, we were able to speak to him concerning his now trending single which is slated to drop soon. This is what he had to say to his fans and friends.

“It’s been a while since i released any material. Its not because i didn’t want to but due to so many factors, i just couldn’t release anything ( forgive me).
But nevertheless i was still hitting the studio, cooking things up and finally i have decided to release this material and its called “Olosho” featuring D.I.A and KAYBARON. The material is set to drop pretty soon!
Anyway all we ask is your participation in the hype and promotion as we set to give you the hottest song of the year. use the hashtag #oloshoIscoming and have fun with it ( you can post a pic and tag all your “olosho” friends lool or tell us about your encounter with an “olosho” ) just spread the word and just have fun with it,God bless (forgive the long text, i just wanted you to know #oloshoIscoming)”

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