Merry Christmas!!! [Interview] Fortnight Chat with USB (@usb_360)


With us on this special Christmas episode (3) of the Fortnight Chat is a well celebrated graphic designer. Popularly known USB which stands for Umar S. Bala

He is from Niger state and currently a student of FUT Minna. USB is a Graphic Designer and also into the clothing world, he is the initiator of the “AREWA TO THE WORLD MOVEMENT”. A movement set to change the world’s view of northerners.

Hello! USB

Good morning

Briefly tell us about you?

The acronym USB stands for Umar S. Bala, I am from Niger state and a student of FUT Minna.
A Graphic Designer and also into clothing, the initiator of the AREWA TO THE WORLD MOVEMENT

When and how did you get into graphic design?

2012 I fell in love with graphics before then I was rapping. Nobody taught me just have passion for it and I’m blessed with a creative mind, so I did few research , readings, surfing, watching lots of videos until I learnt the basics. Since then I have been turning ideas into pictures

“Turning ideas into pictures”…… Interesting!
What made you switch from rapping to being a graphic designer?

Rap is something I just know how to do but I am not that deep into it, i felt I ain’t there yet I felt there is something missing. Until i started graphics I felt like the puzzle has been completed. I use my rap skill in graphics, to cut it short RAP IS a great stepping stone to graphics

Wow, that’s nice, so tell us, in the world of graphics design, is there anybody you look up to?

No. I don’t want to be like anyone, but I have great respect for every dope graphic designer out there and hopefully we will have our industry like artiste do, real soon


Amen to that sir!
What’s your charge rate like?

It depends
Because designs are of different types
Song arts, Product branding, Cooperate arts, Flyers and Logos

What type of brief or project do you enjoy working on the most? From your previous list

Song arts! It allows u to express work of arts, creativity, and lots more but other designs pays more

Okay, so have you created a design you were not comfortable with?

Many times. Clients will insist on what they want, but i know I can make it better, but you end up pleasing them because you have too

So “arewa to the world”….What’s it all about?

AREWA TO THE WORLD is a northern movement I initiated to make the world see how great and civilised we are. Also to change their views and make them see the new us.

Okay, and how can one the part of this movement?

Buying the shirts, supporting the northern talents. being successful in whatever they do

How much do d shirts go for?

Tee shirts N3000
Sweat shirts 5k
Winter hoodies 6k
Delivery 700 nationwide, outside Nigeria we get location then know how much to charge for delivery

Wow! This is nice.
As a Graphic Designer do you face any challenges?

Some clients will stress you to breaking point, some will just waste your time and end up not working with you

We can understand that.
What are you passionate about besides your work?


Any sign out words?

i had a great time having this interview I pray we all move forward together

To get in touch with USB Designs, you can reach him on Instagram: @usb_360 Whatsapp: +2348188973208 OR Call +2348034580651

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