[Interview] Fortnight Chat with “White Da Poet” (@whitedapoet) – Episode 04

On our fourth(4) edition of the Fortnight chat is a young and vibrant rapper who is fully representing the hip-hop culture. As at today a student of geography at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

His real name UMAR Muhammed, and popularly known as “White Da Poet”. He is currently set to drop a mix-tape titled “Time To Be Heard” #TTBH. Stay glued and read what our conversation with him was like.

[TK] Okay, good evening. Let’s meet you?

My name is UMAR Muhammed aka White DA Poet

[TK] White Da poet!!  How did you come about the name??

I got my childhood friends from the streets calling me whitty due to the light skin I gat amidst my black skin homes.
Funny but that’s how I got it. And poetry is just what I do, so attached it. And I got me my name.

[TK] Wow…nice
How did rap start for you, when did you fall in love with her.

I started about 2005, I was inspired by legends in the game like Mobb deep, NAS, 2pac, Mode9, Big Pun and all like that.
It started as a hobby and then I started writing mine and I saw people loving it. So I decided to give it a go.

[TK] Wow, so as a rapper, what was the first album you bought/loved?

Infamous by mobb deep

[TK] Ok so who was your influence as a rapper? And what do you hope to accomplish throughout you career?

NAS gat a big influence on me and also 2pac. He made me feel like damn! I need to make a name for myself too.
I wish to be considered one of the greatest to ever do this. knahmean that’s just it. I want to be one of the greatest ever. Make history. That’s why I do this. I just wanna be the best.

[TK] Wow that’s big… Who is currently your favorite rapper, locally and internationally?

That’s J Cole for the moment.

[TK] Okay…how about locally?

Jesse jags, Falz

[TK] Whats you favorite genre besides hip hop.


[TK] Tell us about your forthcoming mixtape. #TTBH

it’s an 18tracks mix-tape. Full of mostly my story, things I been thru.
Things people around me go thru. Nigerian. Difficulties as an artist. So I feel like after going thru all this and that.
“it’s time to be heard”

Its fun and conscious full of message and you know its full of good music. you gonna like it.

[TK] Alright, Whats your take on d state of hip hop in Nigeria?

Hip hop in Nigeria is not thriving like its pos to. Some years back when choc boys were on their A game. They had a spark but the fire is all burned out now.
Everybody sound the same and matter fact most of our hip hop artist are singers now. They don’t even rap no more which is funny.
You know its good you make party jam (afro pop) people can dance to, to rock shows, top the chart but after that make a good rap.so hip hop. But nah it’s different. They just switch off a sudden.

The only rapper I know now is Falz and maybe Dremo

[TK]  Yeah, so Where do you see or wanna see yourself in the next 5 years.

I see myself as a legend
A made artist. A role model
After conquering my country I’ll be going worldwide by then.
You know using music as a tool to change the world. And put Africa on the map.

[TK] Outstanding! Any final words/Shout out

Thank you for this, the support. Appreciate it. Extended to your whole team
Shout out to my homes; Six, Dave, Zlength, and all the sculpture garden emcees.
Thanks again. Peace


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