[GIST] DIA_Ent Vs. Engine 3:13 – Same Date, Same Time, Different Venues. 

To us this is a massive clash, a huge one. Two of ABU’s top event organizers/entertainment crews who highly belive in themselves have scheduled their semesters bash on same day and are ready for the worst. 

DIA Entertainment being a crew coined out of Faculty of Social Sciences, is said to be the ‘chiks’ magnet whenever they are holding a party of this sort. Their event proper which is tagged Blurry Friday is scheduled to hold at Fairwings, MTD. On the 4th of August. 

DIA has got the advantag of a closer and more generally known venue, and also a track record of having a high turn up of chiks. But a gate fee of 2k for guys. 
Engine 3:13 OTOH being the entertainment heart of the Faculty of Engineering, is a crew with what we would regard as “Ginger”. With lads ‘chiks’ wants to be affiliated with. Their event which is tagged “Echo Bast Party” is scheduled to hold same day at Ras Event Palace, PZ. 

Engine 3:13 has as advantage to popularity, as they are known at nearby institutions outside ABU, and also offered a free mobility for guys and also a lesser gate fee of 1.5k. 
We dont know why they have decided to create this feud amongst themselves, but we sure know they would both suffer it in their particular ways. Now the question is



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