[REVIEW] “Be Mine” by Leo Brown (Rating: 3.5/10)

MUSIC REVIEW by @emidewd (Trendkingzblog Rep.)

Song: Be Mine by Leo Brown

Rating: 3.5/10

Having heard this song once, i knew it was going to be my fastest and easiest reviews ever.

First the cover art kind of gave me a picture of what to expect, didn’t want to judge the song by its cover, so i decided to give it a chance, after a listen i began to ponder on what I’ve done to myself.

Wouldn’t have gone ahead with the review, but i thought of the promise i already made and considered the money spent in the production of the song.

Although the song had a cool instrumental and quality mix as expected from King D, it lacked in every way. I repeat every way. Its hook which was the only part worth giving ears was catchy and well conveyed but was meaningless. “So good to know i love you“. I still cant relate.

The act Leo Brown displayed some level of inner potentials in the verses, but the lyrics was weak and playfully/unseriously conveyed. Again the act demonstrated a high rate of unprofessionalism in his add-lips and backups, and later ended the song with a rather poor coda (outro). To mention but a few.

Having carefully listened to this song, i know that this act has lots of potentials if he can put in more work take his music more seriously. The music industry today has no place for mediocre talent. He could be the next CDQ or Olamide if he improves.

Considering the work put in this track by all persons involved, we would be rating the song 3.5/10.


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