[REVIEW] “Right Now” by Msrtuff (Rating: 6.7/10)

MUSIC REVIEW by @emidewd (Trendkingzblog Rep.)

Song: Right Now by MStruff

Rating: 6.7/10

Sad to say, even with the buzz this song has garnered over the past month, for no reason i haven’t listened to it until this review.

No long talk, “Right Now” is doubtlessly a well and properly conveyed song. The Stevjazz crafted instrumental ( although sounded like a modified version of Ryan’s Gimme Love instru.) already set a good pace in which the whole song went.
The song started out in a juicy way, capable of capturing a first time listener’s attention courtesy of its intro, 4bars pre-hook. and superb verses.

The Disturbing KD act Mstruff displayed a commendable level of professionalism in the way he conveyed the song. Although i have an issue with the hook. Imagine repeating a 16bar chorus (refrain) trice in a 3:34 minutes song, leaving the listener with two verses of 16bar and 8bars.

The song generally had a meaningful and well selected lyrics, the chorus (refrain), apart from being lengthy was tiring as it had too much use of the songs title “Right Now

Knowing this is a normal practice, being an attempt to make a song catchy, this has to be done in a cautious manner.

Generally, the song has a good impression, which is most important, meaningful lyrics, an average instrumentation and well mixed vocals (s/o Balani.)

On a rating of 1-10, i would give “Right Now” by Mstruff.  6.7/10. (Trust me this is relatively a good score)


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