[TKB REVIEW] Jaybeatz – “Auntie Basira” Ft. Jayzlar (Rating: 6.5/10)

MUSIC REVIEW by @emidewd (Trendkingzblog Rep.)

Song: Jaybeatz @Itzjaybeatz – “Aunty Basira” Ft. Jayzlar

Rating: 6.5/10

The song came in a cool and calm manner, what was supposed to be an R&b tune in its 9ja’s own unique style. As expected Jaybeatz gave in a sensational feel in the instrumentation.

In terms of vocals, being the featured artiste, Jayzlar stole away all the shine to himself, giving in a remarkable performance both in the chorus (refrain) and his verse. Simply put, professionally taken and superb.

Where i have a little issue with track in general is on the rap verses. Although the beat maker flowed properly, i would consider the rap verses as mediocre and old style. Reminds me of the kind on verses you hear from a Nigerian up-comer in my secondary school days. The auto tune was also easily noticeable.

The song was generally cool, had a clear and well conveyed massage, good instrumentation, average mix and good impression.

I would rate the song 6.5/10


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