[INTERVIEW] Fortnight Chat with FEMIY (@femililfresh)

On our fifth episode of our Fortnight Chat is Femililfresh of Femiy Artmazing African , whose name is Babalola oluwafemi. A 23 years old graduate of fine art, ABU, Zaria.

A rapper, make up, and pencil sketch artist at the same time a writer.
According to him art was always a part of all he does. From his early days he would be drawing with the food in his plate. Drawing on school lockers. Painting school walls. So it’s always been there.

TK: So let’s meet you, and tell us what you do.

Femiy: My name is Babalola Oluwafemi. I’m 23, a Nigerian. And am an artist.

TK: How did it all start for you?

Femiy: Art has always been that thing I loved.

Like it was always a part of all I do.  From my early days I would de drawing with the food in my plate. Drawing on school lockers. Painting school walls. That kind of thing.  So it’s always been there.

TK: You’re a rapper, make up, and pencil sketch artist at the same time a writer, how do you merge all these together.

Femiy: That’s the beauty of art. No restrictions. No laid down rules. You do it as you please. So I see myself having time for ‘em’ all.

TK: What is your creative process like?

Femiy: Preparation




TK: Wow, Nice. What do you wish you knew about what you do before you got started?

Femiy: I wish I knew it was going to take a lot of hard work. Felt everyone loved art so it would be easy to win ‘em’ hearts. ‘But mehn….’

TK: You still win our hearts with your creativity ‘bruv

Femiy: Thanks so much

TK: There’s a lot of artists on the market these days, how do you differentiate yours from the rest?

Femiy: I think the questions should be how do u guys differentiate mine from the rest

TK: We mean. How you try to stand out from other artists

Femiy: My style.

My extra details.

And the use of monochrome color. Black and white.

TK: Wow nice, so let’s dive a little more into Femiy as a brand cos I think the whole style thing says you have an Image of yourself as a brand.

So tell us, what’s in the front line for you? I mean, there’s a lot in d background obviously, but Wats in front for you? Music or pencil art and painting?

Femiy: For now, it’s makeup and body art

TK: Okay? About the body art sir, I think I’ve noticed mostly African patterns, is that intentional?

Femiy: Yeah

It’s very intentional.

TK: Could we get your reasons? And are you hoping explore expressing other cultures outside Africa with your art any time soon?

Femiy: “Am an African first if all so all I do I do to promote my roots. It’s very rare to find a white man promoting African art or an art that’s not his.

So am sticking to my African arts. That’s all I seek to promote. And develop”

TK: Wow. Word!

So are you satisfied with progress so far? where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Femiy: I see myself getting signing. Getting endorsed. Going off the shores of this country to practice my art.

TK: Nice, we believe that. What challenge(s) do you currently face?

Femiy: Basically it’s funds. Money fixes all.

TK: Alright! Thanks for your time. We all wish you success in your endeavors. Thanks for the time

Any sign out words?

Femiy: African art would one day be legendary. I’m happy I’m doing my best to promote it.


You Could Follow him up via Twitter/Instagram. View IG Profile below.


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