[EVENT] Urban Lifestyle Fest 2017 (Pure Vibes) @urbanlifeSfest

The basic idea behind Urban Lifestyle Fest is to create a platform for networking within the emerging music industry and Hip Hop culture in the northern region of Nigeria. The festival provides a 3-way point of contact involving the artist, the audience and the business reps (investors, record companies, management agencies and major influencers of the Hip Hop culture).

The artists get to have an ample amount of time to intimately engage their fans and put up a show that can convince potential listeners to subscribe and investors or businesses to acknowledge or make a move in their direction. About 20 artists will be gracing our stage this year with the best of Hip Hop music in Nigeria.

Fans get the opportunity to witness live sessions with their favorite artists and establish connections with fellow music lovers and like-minded individuals as the concert ground has proven to be the starting point of endless relationships between all sort of characters. New stars are made on the spot and scouts/A&R’s gets the opportunity to pick out whom to begin a new year and a fresh start with.

ULF 2017, which will take place at the accustomed date of December 27th 2017, will definitely offer a more memorable experience and double the impact it generated in 2016. The venue has been relocated to Kaplore Resort, Barnawa, behind Viviana along Narayi High Cost Junction in the heart of the city of Kaduna to grant more accessibility, ensure security and to indulge people to stay through-out the span of the event which will last from 12 noon to 10 pm. Entrance into the arena has been restricted using tickets which are already on sale at 500 naira as a pre-sale package. These same tickets will be sold at the door at the rate of 1000 naira per piece on the day of the event.  By purchasing a ticket for ULF, an individual can be said to have acquired a right of passage to celebrate a culture which he/she is a part of therefore a chance to celebrate his/her self.

At the end of ULF 2017, a fan base will become core fan base, artists will become stars and stars will become superstars. We hope to achieve this given yet another chance to host a number of influential people and faithful followers of the Hip Hop culture.

The Hip Hop culture has become a part of us and the best we can do is to channel it to propagate positivity among ourselves therefore we are calling on all supporters to kindly follow our on-line pages on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (twitter – @urbanlifeSfest IG/FB – @urbanlifestylefest) and that of our media partners for updates and to come out en masse to support the biggest music festival in the city. To participate in any capacity, advert placement on the arena or to order for tickets contact: Zik on 0708 047 2402, Ross on 0805 626 6836 or Abyssinia on 0708 250 8947. Tickets can also be collected at Chop Chop at Karji Junction along Yakowa New Road, in Kaduna.

ULF 2017 themed PURE VIBES is brought to you by BHP, and proudly supported by CMP, Triakosia Enterprises, Nutcase Records, Kosisi Ent., QRP Life, Smile9ja TV, Optical Voyager, May 1st, Arewa Campus Connect, Kaduna Snap Stories, TrendKingz Blog, MIKC and Krockcitydegrees.com.

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