[Interview] Fortnight Chat with KayBaron (@kaybaron_yf)

​On one of our special December episode of the Fortnight Chat. Is talented, young and new school singer Kaybaron.

A 400l student of Computer Engineering at ABU Zaria. According to him Music has always been a thing of joy for him.
Since child hood he has always been in love with singing and listening to music that he had to join his church choir so he could train himself more on how to sing

But the recording part started 2011
Read below as there’s a lot of amazing stuffs you’ll get to know about this A1 Afro Pop act.

TKB: Hello ”Kaybaron”

Welcome to the FortnightChat. Let’s meet you

The name is Victor JesuTobi Samson

TKB: Tell us a little about you and how music started for you.

Am a 400l student of computer engineering ABU Zaria

Music has always been a thing of joy for me.

Since my childhood,  I’ve always been in love with singing and listening to music that I had to join my church choir so I could train my self more on how to sing

But the recording part started 2011 when I moved into this new area and meet friends like Mode x and Samjey

Who took me to the studio and showed me how everything was been done and then I started recording and it has been part of me ever since.

TKB: How did you came up with the stage name “Kaybaron”

Kaybaron was a name I got from my brother’s friend it was actually his nickname and he passed it on to me and called me kaybaron junior.

TKB: How would you classify your style of music. And which artistes did you grow up listening to, which artistes influenced your music style the most.?

Afro Pop.

I grew up listening to ‘Fela’, ‘King Sunny Ade’, ‘2face’, ‘Dbanj’ and ‘Yinka Ayefele’

TKB: If you were to get a free collaboration with any artiste of your choice right now, who would it be and why?

Davido, He’s commercial, he has the vibe and he will push the song too well

TKB: Wow! That’s awesome

I listened to ‘Ayo’ from your group’s (Candy Music) project ‘DawgHouse Ep‘ and its my best #Opinion
So, is there something we need to know about the song. 


The song was actually written for my sister’s wedding. A song I want to present to her on that day.

TKB: Wonderful! So after “AYO”, what are your plans with the music, what’s the next move. Should we be expecting any project soon?

Yeah! Sure!

A refix to my song is dropping ending of this month

And another one dropping in December.

TKB: What are some of the obstacles you have faced and how have you over come them?

People saying things about my music and insulting my style of music.

And being disrespected in shows.

I overcame them by not paying attention to what they say and then I stopped making shows my priority.

So I just work hard to do good music

And pray for my audience to love it.

TKB: Cool! Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years. What level do you wish to attain with the music. 
I see myself doing big things in the next five years like being among the best.

The level i wan to attain is to be the king of Afro pop.

TKB: WOW! Nice Energy. Any Shout outs or last words you would like to highlight for us?

Yeah sure. A big SO to my friends, family and fans showing love out there.

And my C.M.E family they are just wonderful

And shout out to Trendkingz Blog for this one ‘mehn’ ‘Jah’ bless.

Find/Contact Kaybaron via all social Media platforms – @kaybaron_yf

Facebook: Victor Kaybaron Samson


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