[INTERVIEW] Fortnight Chat with BHP – ‘VIBEZ KARTEL Mixtape’ out March 31st

On the 7th edition of our Fortnight Chat is an exclusive interview with BHP. A Kaduna base hip-hop squad which houses rappers President Zik, Abyssinia and singer Ross. Some of the highlights of our conversation was the disclosure of the Title, Release date and Release party schedule for the forthcoming mixtape VIBEZ KARTEL. Read Below:

TK: Tell us briefly about your music background as a group.

BHP: Well, we’ve been influenced by real music as individuals and collectively, by real music, we mean music that comes with a lot of substance. In both production and composition.

This “real music” covers a wide range of genres as. Basically, we have been influenced by a lot of music. And the common factor that all the genres have is the energy that we’re trying to replicate in our own music.

People like Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Tupac, BIG, Bone Thugs, Sade to contemporaries like Drake and K. Dot. The list goes on though

TK: You guys were able to put out great records collectively,

How do you guys make music as a group

BHP: Mentally and spiritually we feel like we are operating on the same plane because we’ve been able to spend a lot of time together. So when we come across a sound we identify with collectively we just lock in on it and vibe along. The lyrical contents are mostly things we’ve been through or things we are experiencing at the moment so it’s not hard to tell it.


TK: Musically, what are your biggest influences and who are your favorite musicians?

BHP: Just basically the hip hop culture from the early 90’s as kids to right now. There are those songs that stick to the memories of even babies we can’t say we skipped those to the artists that are recommended by peers especially through school and those you deliberately co

TK: So, what do you think of the hip hop scene in the north and what do you plan to contribute to it?

BHP: Its rapidly improving. We’re not quite there yet but we know it’s going in the right direction. Solely because we are taking control of the situation. We control our destiny basically

We plan to contribute a lot of quality content in both music and platforms and structures to improve the culture

That’s how we came up with some of our existing projects like Campus Lit, One Mic Stand, ULF etc.

TK: Tell us about your forthcoming project and what should we expect.

BHP: Our next project is titled VIBEZ KARTEL scheduled for 31st March. it’s basically based on the energy and vibrations a quality music project by a collective is supposed to have. It has a lot of contemporary sounds and slangs that music lovers and the kids can relate to.

It’s a reflection of our reality at the moment. Trying to capture the moment and make it last forever. Sonically it’s a fusion of the golden era hip hop in the 90’s and contemporary hip hop music.

In the letter we put out, we spoke about refining the BHP sound and that was a major mission with the project

The energy is still BHP, so nothing changed.

President Zik

TK: What’s the project’s collaborative process like?

BHP: We worked with a close knit of producers on the project to keep the sound together

CharlieChef and StevJazz handled the production for the instrumentals and the sound engineering was handled by Halo

So we hooked up with the producers, heard some of their work, vibed a bit and came up with the songs which have made their way to the final output

TK: Any promotional singles before the release date?

BHP: Not really man. We plan to put the project out as we did the previous.

TK: Any listening session?

BHP: Yeah we having a release party on the same day its dropping.

The details about the release party is not yet confirmed so we will just hang on a little bit. Might get the info we need before the interview is over.

TK: Okay so WE can’t help but notice certain keywords used by Abyssinia, you know, he talked about you guys being on the same plane both mentally and spiritually and also something about staying connected to a source. We find the spirituality of music quite interesting so tell us, when you say you guys operate on the same level spiritually what exactly do you mean and how does this spirituality reflect in your music collectively?

BHP: Art in general is food for the soul its meant to be connected with without any understanding of how the connection occurs. This connection leads to emotional responses like inspiration motivation and so forth. Music is a form of art. Apart from the technicalities involved. First of all, you have to be able to vibrate on a certain frequency not mentally but spiritually for you to come up with the most basic sound ever. Religious bodies use music to create reflective environments to connect the worshippers with who they worship. Musical notes are used for meditation in some religious activities that’s where u get incantations and other forms of religious chanting.

Ideas in general comes from reflections into the deepest parts of the human mind which is mostly referred to as the soul and that’s the same place musical ideas come from.

When I say we are operating on the same plane i mean that we are vibrating on the same frequency, we have been able to look in the same direction with the third eye if you are familiar with such religious term


TK: Okay so do you guys perform any form of ritual (A habit you consider necessary) before making music?

BHP: The music is the ritual. Whenever another person tries to sing along the ritual is complete. Another soul has been attracted and is operating on that same frequency.

TK: Zik exposed us to quite a number of platforms BHP has successfully created and managed over the years,We really admire what you guys are doing, it’s amazing to know you’re not just trying to grow but also carry everyone along, so enlighten us, what prompted the creation of this platforms and do you guys have an agenda you’d want us to know about?

BHP: Yeah. The creation of the ideas was prompted by a lack of these said ‘platforms’. When we were coming up, there were no outlets for us to perform our music, and there were no shows that were strictly about the music and artistry

As for the agenda, we want artistes to develop their craft through these platforms, because as a performing artiste you need to perform consistently to see the effect of your music on people and also to know the direction you should be going in order to reach heights that other great artistes have reached. This agenda is for us and the other artistes on the come up

TK: Lastly… Let’s talk business… Lol… Managing these platforms aren’t easy and to successfully pull an event as standard as ULF every year is really a big deal so really we’re curious…who’s the brain behind the business side of your music and do you guys have some sort of angel investors??

BHP: Haha. True say. But the reality of it is that we are the ones behind every business decision made regarding these events. We don’t have angel investors sadly, so we are forced to source the money out by selling the idea to a couple of our people and basically raising the funds by ourselves


TK: Big head phones. Quite a name if u ask me!… How did u guys come about it?

BHP: When u listen to music with your headphones its different.

We are all from that era when everybody was walking around school with big headphones on their head listening to Cassidy and Immortal Technique

TK: So Any last words/Shout outs?

Shout out to all the real niggas worldwide

Shout out to Trendkingz and all the people who have been kicking it with us from day one as well people who have just come in contact with the music. We promise them nothing but the REAL.

TK: How can you guys reached on social media. Your handles.


Twitter : BHPMUSIC_

TK: Thanks for your time.

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