[REVIEW] Official TOP 10 ‘ABU’ ARTISTES by @Trendkingzblog

 Ahmadu Bello University which is one of Africa’s largest university, was recently ranked Nigeria’s No1 university and isn’t left back when it comes to entertainment, the school boasts of many talented acts. And it is worthy of note that a new generation of notable entrants and personalities of the Nigerian entertainment scene will soon surface from this great institution

We have been counting down the top acts in the university at the moment; those who have successfully made efforts worthy of notice, those we all know have made beautiful music in school and impacted the highest, those who are trending and always known to shut down public events/shows within the university.

From number one down to ten who deserves a spot?
Who are the your top favourite artist in ABU (Ahmadu Bello University)?

Taking all the factors mentioned above into consideration, the TRENDKINGZ BLOG team would help you find out who they are. A lot of acts have been impressive, however, for the sake of putting together a list some names will inevitably not make it.

Before starting off this list, we would love to appreciate everyone that has contributed in one way or the other to support this project. And secondly we would also love to appreciate some names who have being in the Institutions music scene and were not able to make is to this list, either because they graduated before the year of review and other reasons, we see you as the school’s musical legends.

The list excludes battle MC’s and Gospel acts. Their list would come separately in due time

(#10) Babbayanks


While most would argue that Babayanks is still rising, I’d say he’s ‘fast rising’ and one of the talked about acts last year…so far. he’s shown some level of consistency over time. The Computer scientist can be reached via social media on: Instagram @babayanks05

(#9) Feezy


Abdulhafeel Abdullahi, professionally known as Feezy is currently a 300L student of computer science, he is an Artiste/Producer housed under the YaranNorthSide Records.

With the “Feelings EP” & a sophomore project “Tune In” to his name, we tag him as an artiste with remarkable consistency, although yet to make visible impact within the school environment as we couldn’t help but notice his absence in the lineup for most school events, he sure deserves to be on this list. Find him on social media as follows: Instagram @feeiziey

(#8) M-Struff


M-Struff came from relative obscurity to crash the party by debuting on this list at #8. He’s continued his sudden-and-steady rise to a possible very impressive Top 5 finish, ahead of some major artistes in the school. This is largely down to the “One Time” singer’s groundbreaking moves, as well as his ability to capture the hearts and minds of his listeners.

The talented DKD Ent sole act is known for some major singles which includes; “One Time”, “Right Now” and “Somebody”. Although the TAPASITE hasn’t fully made impact in the school as a whole, we consider him as the Entertainment face of the faculty of arts. Find the rapper on social media as follows: Instagram @mstruff

(#7) Sagy


Suleiman Abdoul aka. Sagy is a 300 Level student of quantity surveying, the rapper has made notable impact with some of his major singles; Kontrolla, Hello, Your Body and Banana.

The Vintage records frontline literally sets any stage he performs on ‘on fire’, Sagy is without a doubt in a class of his own with so much street credibility and fan base. Find the rapper on social media as follows: Instagram @imsagy

(#6) Alee


Alee remains one of the most consistent artistes on campus. With his trademark indigenous hip-hop style, he has managed to dominate a major part of the school’s music scene and that is not child’s play considering the short time we’ve known him.

Aleeyou Mabudi, a 300 level student of Industrial Design is also a battle MC. Some of his major singles would include; “On fire”, ”24/Seven” and “Like Me”. Find the rapper on social media as follows: Instagram @aleeyoumabudi

(#5) Phlexzywest

If you feel Phlexzywest should be higher up this list, you certainly have a case. His “Enough” and “Baby Wait” singles are arguably amongst the biggest songs of the year, but not having performed in school major events has been a major drawback.

 Phlexzywest follow-up single “Fist Aid” didn’t quite hit those dizzy heights, but has done well on the airwaves, and his latest joint “4days” is slowly picking up steam.

All in all, it’s been a great year for him. Currently a 500 Level student of the department of electrical engineering, we are sure his talents would be needed in the Nigerian Music scene on graduation for his magnetizing patua style and overall talent. Find the singer on social media as follows: Instagram & Twitter @phlexzywest

(#4) Skid X


In Q4 2017, SkidX unlocked a new level of powers and achievements. While 2016 had the singer break glass ceilings with his JagaMad single and performance with Vector in 2017, rapper turn singer began to show the workings of everything in 2017.

This year, the “JagaMad” singer firmly shook off the “One-hit wonder” tag (not like it was ever really in doubt). SkidX has released his first project since his new movement with manager, Dr Quan. With “Shades of A Boy EP” now being available to stream, this huge bounce is even more remarkable considering the fact that he still has time to spend in the schools’ entertainment scene.

Praise Ken has been killing it since pre degree and have kept on course to become arguably a big threat. He is the pro to call when it comes to shutting down shows and street battels. Find the rapper/singer on social media as follows: Instagram @skidx_official

(#3) Jayzlay


If the deciding process was solely on votes, Jayzlar would have made it to the No1 spot. He’s an artiste who knows what he wants and constantly on the move towards it, from “Masu Gudu” single to performing alongside 2face. The 400 Level URP student is what we consider a ‘loved individual’, with fans ready to go the extra mile for him. The 4lake crooner is a rapper and singing sensation, the one to kill every hook he takes.

He is arguably the most featured act in the institution and also one of the very few artistes who can boast of a revered and no fake online presence, sources have it that his present lowkey status is by reason of the hardwork and effort he’s putting into a forth-coming body of work, yet-to-be-announced. We await in earnest! Find the rapper/singer on social media as follows: Instagram @kingjayzlar


(#2) WhiteDaPoet


Umar Muhammed is his name. But after listening to his music you would want to refer to him as an “An Epitome of good/dope Rap”. His level of standard has swayed into touching many peoples inner mind. Popularly referred to as White, a name which he got from childhood due to his complexion.

White’dapoet started rapping at about 2005 then influenced by Nas and 2pac. As a student, the rapper put out an 18 tracks mixtape, a body of work titled “Time to Be Heard”, full of mostly his story, things people around him go through and difficulties faced as an artiste.

He is presently a final year student of the department of geography. Apart from putting out good sounds, some say he’s the best battle rapper which may be true as he has aced lots of open rap battle within the institution which has occasionally fetched him cash prices. The No2 spot is definitely a deserved fit for him. Find the rapper on social media as follows: Instagram @whitedapoet

(#1) DJ AB


He is often referred to as the biggest music act in Kaduna State, having the 24 years old rapper and producer at the number 1 spot makes it the second time a rapper would grab the No1 spot on our ABU Top10 list. (Previously Kevinwords$)

Haruna Abdullahi popularly known as DJ Abba is a student of the Department of Quantity Surveying. According to him as culled from his interview with K-City Magazine, he started writing songs when he was 13-14 years old and has always wrote his songs since then. Inspired to write by his surrounding environment with the dream of making good music that would be appreciated by his fellow northerners.

Having a glance at his music life in the institutions, the rapper has been able to put out wonderful and impactful tunes as a student and headlined shows in the university. Amongst other beautiful tunes by the rapper, we would consider ‘Su waye’,’Suyayya’.’Babban Yaya’ and ‘Ni’ as his major singles.
From the polls gathered, he is undoubtedly the school’s favourite, Find the rapper on social media as follows: Instagram @dj_abba_ & Twitter @dj_abba


In the worthy mentions category is a list of musical sensations which we consider highly talented but couldn’t make it to our list due to vote rate. Again, they are among the name we look at and say “it is indeed worthy of note that a new generation of notable entrants and personalities of the Nigerian entertainment scene will soon surface from this great institution

1. KayBaron (Instagram: @kaybaron_yf)

2. OscarDash (Instagram: @)

3. Shatta Mufasa (Instagram: @shattamufassa)

4. KellyPunchlines (Instagram: @kellypunchlines)

5. 8Ball (Instagram: @8ball_music_ent)

6. SK6 (Instagram: @itz_sk6ixx)

It would be important to know that this list was carefully put together, taking into consideration all important factors for a list of this nature. After a call for nomination, a list of 20 were shortlisted and voting then commenced both on our social media platforms and here on this blog.
Deciding who would make the final top 10 list was based on votes (50%) and a highly knowledgeable three-man panel who was responsible for the remaining (50%). Each artiste was scored over 100.

The list is our opinion, not everyone is expected to accept it. But we can assure anyone that we did the best we could with regards to creating a near perfect list.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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