[MIXTAPE] Advocate – Native Land + Tracklist

Download and Listen to this rare musical masterpiece by ADVOCATE tha chronicle.
Titled Native Land Mixtape, Pro African in nature. This project boasts to be a display of knowledgeable and conscious lyricism complimented with unique melody.

Featuring highly Talented artists such as B.O.C, Snowflake, D.I.A, Maadskillz, White Da Poet, Mstruff, T-shayne, Kobo, Infinite Mind, Aimz, Fiki,Toxic tha venom, TeeIce, Kobo and Wordzwar.

With samples from Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Majek Fashek and Thabo Mbeki

Download full project below.

1. Patriot’s Chant(Intro) Ft Kobo

2. Mission 22

03. Superstition Ft Tshayne

4. Rite Of Passage

5. Wave

6. Awoken Demon Ft Fiki & Toxic Tha Venom

7. Poverty

8. Star-Gazer

9. Black Thoughts Ft D.I.A

10. Rising Tide

11. Home Sweet Home Ft Snowflake

12. GeraraHere

13. Rainmaker

14. Time Cycle Ft Aimz

15. Memory

16. Greener Pasture Ft B.O.C

17. Warzone Ft Wordzwar

18. Better Dayz

19. Dying Planet (Spoken Words)

20. African us Ft Infinite Mind & White



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