[INTERVIEW] Fortnight Chat with Adaugo Judith Emejuru (Queen ADA)

On our eight episode of the Fortnight Chat is one who loves to refer herself as Art and all that is Art. She’s is an actress, TV host, dancer, a public/motivational speaker and a writer. As a writer, she published her first work at age 11 in the UK.

Judith Adaugo Emejuru is a 23 years old English literature graduate of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Read our (Trendkingzblog) conversation with her (ADA) below.

Trendkingzblog: Could you tell the readers who Queen Ada is?

ADA: Queen Ada is Art and all that is Art. She is an actor, a writer, a public/motivational speaker, a dancer and a tv/talkshow/show host

TK: Wow! One would want to ask. In which of theses forms of art have you predominantly featured in the most?
There has to be one or two which you are known for more.

ADA: Acting, writing and public speaking

TK: So which exactly would you say has gained you the most exposure?

ADA: Acting

TK: How long have you been acting? What was your first acting job and what movies have you been involved in?

ADA: Took it up as a career this year. My first acting job was a series in 2016, titled Dear Darling. But I took acting seriously this year after I completed my NYSC
As for movies: Merry Men( Toka Mcbaror), Zero Hour (Robert Peters), If I Am President (Bright Wonder)

TK: So, what first drew you into acting as a career and how has is being for you so far?

ADA: Well, I just realized I get bored doing anything else not media related.
Been challenging and exciting, it has also been a learning process

TK: What are your biggest challenges as an actress?

ADA: Getting major roles, the industry seems to be monopolized to certain faces, and the opinion that everything happens in Lagos and I live in Abuja.
However, some directors and producers are beginning to see the importance in discovering new talents

TK: Who is one of your favorite people to work with so far and who do you really want to work with that you haven’t yet?

ADA: I don’t have a favorite yet , I am still exploring, I am open to work with anybody, ‘the taste of the pudding is in the eating ‘abi’. ‘ (Smiles)

TK: But i would still want to believe there’s that one actor or actress you would currently be extra excited to work with.

ADA: Nse ikpe Etim, would want to work with her.

TK: True! I can’t help but notice your revered presence on social media (Facebook to be precise). You’re seen to be highly opinionated, which sometimes draw controversy. It appears intentional, would you ascribe that to any of your various forms of art or you just being you?

ADA: Actually I am just being myself, it’s not intentional, I actually don’t put out as much as I would have, my both parents are on my Facebook., I don’t want family meeting.

TK: What is the dream for you. What level do you want to attain with the acting, writing and other art forms.
At what stage would you consider yourself fulfilled in these respective fields.

ADA: Hmm, I actually don’t see a limit or a point of feeling comfortable, I want to write award winning books, win a Nobel laureate, I want to be a Hollywood name , I want to own a media empire and a cable TV station, ‘mehn’… if I start typing my dreams , the dreamland would exhaust

TK: Awesome, but If you were not acting what would you be doing? Is there another side to Queen Ada?

ADA: Of course, being a TV presenter or a dancer, I also have a skin care line (QUEEN’s Secret Dark knuckle remover) then I run a laundry and cleaning business too (CHeeDAA Laundry and cleaning services)

TK: An actor, a writer, a speaker, a dancer, a TV host, a manufacturer and also a service provider. WOW!
One would want to ask how you were able to garner all these skills. From school or self thought? And how are you able to merge all these together?

ADA: Self taught, I studied English literature, But I was a writer long before the university. My first published work was at age 11, and it was published in the UK, a short story.
The university gave me the needed degree and the course I studied enhanced my analytical skills.

TK: UK!? Where did you grow up? How was growing up like and how did it influence the ADA we know today?

ADA: I was born in Zaria, Kaduna state, So it’s safe to say I am a northern igbo girl, i grew up in Zaria kaduna state amongst Hausas and Muslims, those were my first friends. I am detribalized

TK: What are you doing next? What you currently working on.

ADA: Well, for now, I just left a set, I have a series project that is yet to start filming and at the moment I am at an audition so pray for me

TK: There are definitely other young talents like you out there. What in your opinion makes you peculiar? In other words. Why should a producer secure your acting skills rather any other persons?

ADA: When I said I was ART, I meant it. I am a whole package. Physically, intellectually, verbally…
I am a method actor. I live the life of my character and I am not that actor that believes shedding tears is a way of showing I can act. LOL.. I am quite enigmatic, an as such I am an onion, there are layers to me

TK: Is there a limit to the roles you can play in movies at the moment?

ADA: Pornographic roles

TK: Any final words?

ADA: I am grateful for this opportunity, it means a lot to me
I am representing every person who grew up in places that are not on the world map, because I am heading to the world map.

TK: I want to thank you for giving us your valuable time. Find Adaugo on social m online?

Find Adaugo on social media via the following platforms




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  1. Ada my lover❤️❤️❤️ The lord will elevate you more beyond your imaginations🙏🙏🙏 beauty with brains…

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