ROSS: Forthcoming project titled ‘To Be Continued’ | All you need to know.

Singer Esiro, popularly known as Ross is an artist who makes Hip/Hop, R&B and Reggae music which are basically his major influences. He noticeably loved music all his life, and has been doing impressively well for about 8 years plus, currently in a trio collective called BHP which includes President Zik and Abyssinia. A group which started in school and has been kicking it till date, they have 5 released projects and Ross as an artiste has one solo project titled Music For My Friends which he put out in April 2016. BHP as a group also organize events to promote the culture, such as URBAN LIFESTYLE FESTIVAL and CAMPUS LIT.

We had a chat with him. In which he revealed to us that his forthcoming sophomore project would be titled “TO BE CONTINUED“, one which he plans on releasing any moment from now, the delayed project was held back by little managerial issues which have been taken care of.
According to him;

To Be Continued is basically meant to put you in a self aware, loving and chill mode. Life inspired this project I must say, I love what I did on it. The project has 8 tracks and it features President Zik, B.O.C and Karams. I can’t wait for y’all to listen”

On what his creative process was like for the project. He said he had the idea of the project in mind before he took it to the studio and had to build on the idea and know how to put it in writing in its simplest form.

He had to express himself crystal clear on everything that inspired the project before giving it’s the Midas touch in the studio with the likes of: Steve Jazz, Beat Boi, Halo, Dave, Shay’D and Charlie Chef. “It was an interesting experience for me“, he said, “cause it has added to my growth”.

The mixing and mastering of the project was another part of the project that according to him was hectic. Although worth the process.

It took months to achieve that with Halo who is really good at it, thanks to him big time y’all are going to appreciate him the more after listening to the output“.

Everyone’s eyes are itching, we all can’t wait for what is expected to be a collection of well refined and conveyed sound. At this point its no doubt that Ross always delivers, stay glued as we would be sure to bring the project to you first when it is finally out.

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